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S.B. Systems, Inc. is an authorized Parkline contractor providing service throughout the United States. S.B. Systems
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Parkline Advantages

EXPERIENCE: Parkline is a major nationwide supplier with over 26 years of experience in manufacturing self-framing metal buildings in width ranges from 5'-4" through 32'-0" and has over 50,000 buildings in service.

FLEXIBLE SIZE SELECTION: Parkline has 13 standard widths between 5'4" and 32'-0"; the 16" length increments on shed type buildings and 4'-0" increments on gable roofs allow for maximum flexibility in building design. Heights range from 8'-0" through 14'-0" and can be tailored in 1" increments. Other sizes are available , please call for more information.

SINGLE SOURCE:  Parkline's interlocking wall design offers the widest possible selection of interior finishes and accessories which allows the specifier to accurately tailor a Parkline building to fill each specific project need.

MAXIMUM USABLE SPACE:  Parkline's unique self framing design provides maximum usable interior space by eliminating the need for columns, rafters, purlins, and wall girts in the building.

PRE-ENGINEERED:  Parkline buildings are designed by professional engineers to meet varying local, state, and national building codes.

DURABILITY:  The standard siliconized polyester paint coating over G90 (1 ¼ ounce) galvanized steel wall panels and the aluminum coated roof system ensures that the building will provide many years of maintenance free service.

EASE OF ERECTION:  Parkline buildings have factory punched wall and roof panels that connect to pre-punched framing members. Preassembled doors, windows and other wall accessories are factory cut which means most buildings can be quickly assembled by our experienced crews.

SIMPLE FOUNDATIONS:  Most Parkline buildings do not require costly concrete piers and footings which saves on foundation cost and time. With Parkline's load bearing wall systems, loads are evenly distributed along the building perimeter easily allowing most buildings to be set on thickened edge slabs. The building can also be mounted on steel or wood skids to provide a portable unit.

EXPANDABILITY:  With Parkline's pre-punched panels and connectors, Parkline buildings can be easily expanded and accessory locations changed without loss of parts.


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